Manage your website with our CMS

Pixelit is the content manager system (CMS) developed by Pixeles Invasores
so you can update your own site.
Built under the current DIY (Do it yourself) tendency so you can update your website from a friendly interface, any time and any place, saving on the cost per update.

It has tools specially developed to your needs that will give you control over your website.
What is it used for?
So you can have an exclusive website
no templates
So you can upload new images, videos, descriptions, banners or whatever your website needs
when you need it
To generate traffic to your website by constant updates
make yourself noticed
Your website gets the right design
the design you like ;)
How does it work?
We develope your website
Get your info ready
Log in to your Pixelit

You can assign all the users you need with different permission levels to update the website
Update your website

- Create categories
- Edit text and images
- Publish your videos from YouTube or Vimeo
- Users management
- Update from mobile devices
Advantages over a blog
Predesigned templates
Exclusive design
With a blog you're limited to the template's composition, allowing you only some minor adjustments to the design.
With Pixelit, we create your site from scratch, made exclusively for you with the design and tools you need.
Blog operation is also limited by predetermined widgets.
Pixelit widgets are tools designed according to your needs and you'll be able to manage every widget by logging in to the user interface, which is very easy to use.
How is it used?
By logging to Pixelit with your username and password, you will see a welcome screen with a summary of the content in the widgets, like Banners, Galleries, News, etc. You will have quick access to the amount of entries, highlights, their order and total amount of images on a gallery for example.
Pixelit Widgets are modules that allow you to upload contents like images, banners and news to your website. They have input field for informations like title, description, thumbnails, links, videos, etc. If your website needs any other input or language, we can adjust the widget to your needs or even create a new one with specific features.
Edit and Order
You can change the order in which the entries will appear for each module by dragging them to the desired position. If you ever need to temporarily hide an entry, you can do so without deleting it. You can choose to see your entries in list view or thumbnail view.
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