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A ride by the city
APR 2013 | Cuarto Piso intro
Cuarto Piso characterizes for having a cosmopolitan image. The producer asked us for an animated intro for their website that included a car ride, so we took their graphic concept into a 3D environment.

We made their website before and created a mystery atmosphere involving the city and two characters for the illustrations on the site. So we decided to do the intro as a prequel to this concept, in which the drive by the streets takes the viewer to discover Cuarto Piso among the city lights and hustle.

Each building, car and prop on the streets fit into the graphic style from the rest of the site, with defined shapes and sharp contrasts. It doesn't pretends to be realistic, but to be an illustration frame by frame.

We decided to make several takes to complement each moment, achieving an agitated and energized pace withou getting to look like a car chase. Just follow the green car and you'll find Cuarto Piso.
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