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Remembering Gatto Nero
APR 2013 | Alleys, jazz and a cat
One of our first and most beloved works is teh website of Il Gatto Nero. We can define this project as a comprehensive conception of an audiovisual  website within the production and outcome: characters, plot, conceptual art, 3D, illustration, sound design...

Alleys, jazz and a cat was the main concept from which the universe of Il Gatto Nero came from, created for an audiovisual producer whose director owns a black cat named Totó. This cat is the character who leads the website viewer along the alley where he lives, through a wet and dark environment, among gangsters, an intimate jazz show in a bar and a classic cinema projection. We can't leave aside the company logo graffiti (the cat eyes) and an Albert Einstein phrase on request by the client beside a poster damaged by time.

This is the home of the cat and the website of the producer. A website that besides of displaying the services and portfolio, is also a playful experience for the user, and of course a pleasure to work with. The site is currently offline but you can see the art and navigation of the site on this video.
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