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Interactive-Lightning-Audiovisual Installation
JAN 2014 | Our project with Arduino and Processing
On 2013 we participated on the workshop 'Dazzling Bugs' by Cecilia Sánchez at the UVA Tlatelolco.

This workshop focuses on the creation of art-object with Arduino, a programming language that allows to control a device through sensors.

For our final project in the workshop, we decided to build a machine inspired on the nineties vision of science fiction about what should be a futuristic computer: A device that physically interacts with the user in more a visual way than a practical way.

At a conceptual level, we exposed how the outer space gets most of the attention of the imagination and human science, while the deep ocean is left behind despite of it's relevance for life.

There's no doubt this project sets the beginning of a new discipline within Pixeles Invasores, a new path to creating physical worlds.  

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