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Cinegrams with Kerry
AUG 2014 | Taller 'Lightstruck' en el Animasivo 2014
Pixeles Invasores attended the workshop given by Kerry Laitala within the Animasivo 2014. In this workshop we created 16mm 'cinegrams' through the direct intervention onto the film stock, creating hand made moving images. To accomplish this we placed diverse objects over the film and swept the light across them, casting the objects shadows upon the film which afterwards we hand developed and dyed.

Going back to the dark room was a great experience and what better way than going back with experimental cinema techniques. We intervened the film with slides, negatives, cloth, threads, beads and drawing directly onto the film. It was entertaining, educational and is with no doubt inspiration material.

This video shows the edition of the 16mm film fragments created by all the workshop attendees, it was screened in the CCD (Centro de Cultura Digital) and musicalized live by Los Extraños en el Tren.
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