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We like to call this design work "comprehensive projects", since it includes projects on which are mostly combined all of our disciplines and we have the chance to create concepts that spread to diverse media, like_
logos, branding, iconography and application of brand in business cards, commercial papers, e-signatures, brochures, etc. We also make brand bumpers, animations for internal use and advertising, websites, minisites, mailings and illustration for music albums, posters and advertisement.
These projects honour our slogan "Creating Worlds".

Tlaloc Records
2014 | Client: Tlaloc Inc.
Tlaloc Records is an indie label that seeks to be the best in it's genre. Their members' music and lifestyle is greatly influenced by the prehispanic cultures. 


Tlaloc is one of the main prehispanic gods and as such he has a great amount of representations, images and icons related to him.

For the label's branding we reinterpreted these symbols and took them to a different representation style. The idea started with a paint splash, that clips the god's features. This allows the logo to adapt and transform depending on the media or the moment.


For the first set of records, we designed a system that would allow us to adapt each record without losing unity. We're looking forward the followers of the label to identify each record with the label with just a glimpse.

In the future this design will change with a new system, that will not only relate the records with the label but with a moment as well.   
Graphic Design
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